Limited Liability Organization

A new way to protect your business without the government.

Why LLO?

Most organizations incorporate into LLCs, Corporations or Non-Profits. Why do we need anything new?

Tax Liability

There are many new tax burdens that only affect corporations. Incorporation alone is a contract with the government that becomes a taxable excise.

Limited Liabiltiy

Organizers will still enjoy limited liability, but only where it's ethical. Because of their government partnership, LLCs and Corporations can often create unethical protection for owners and employees, even when crimes are committed. The LLO shows the public you can be trusted.

Free Speech

Corporations and Non Profits can be limited by rules and regulations, restricting where they can spend their money and how much they can get involved with other organizations of certain classes.

Limited Liability Organization

An ethical liability protection model for the economy of the future, based on voluntary agreement and protecting freedom of speech and organizational autonomy.